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These days almost everything can be outsourced, making running a business look easy. Whilst it is not as simple as it might seem, outsourcing, indeed, can make your marketing operation much smoother and more effective.

There are 168 hours in a week, 56 of those hours we are asleep, and out of the 112 that are left, we spend at least 40 hours at work. If to include the daily commute and the time we think about our work, we can certainly say that it is a huge part of our lives.

These days the concept of “positive thinking” is at its peak and cannot pass unnoticed. We see motivational quotes all over our social media no matter what group we are in. We are taught to smile and stay kind and positive all the time regardless of the circumstances. This trend goes so far that it actually claims that the more troubles we have the more positive we should be, since this can transform the energy and turn our lives around.

How to become a great manager?

You probably heard something along the lines “not everyone is born to be a leader”. In the business world we can rephrase it to “not everyone is meant to be a manager”. While this might be partially true, too many people get this phrase wrong and often use it as an explanation for being or not being successful, hiding the real reason behind the outcome.

There are so many different reasons why we might not be looking forward to Monday. But most of the time these negative emotions go away and we are back on track. Life can be unfair, and while some people can find a complete satisfaction in their jobs, many work only for a salary. And this is ok, there are many more things in life that can be way more important.

Work can be very stressful, we all know that. At the same time we all want to be successful, but what happens if your idea of success doesn’t match the expectations of your employer or even your close ones? The first step to figure out your next move is to understand the true reasons why the prospect of a promotion or becoming a manager doesn’t lay close to your heart.

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