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8 Signs it’s time to find a new job

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All of us hate our jobs from time to time. Sometimes it’s an hour-long annoyance, sometimes you don’t want to go to work for weeks. Boring tasks, grey routine, ungrateful employees, unfair bosses, early mornings, late nights, office gossip, too much stress, crazy schedule… There are so many different reasons why we might not be looking forward to Monday. But most of the time these negative emotions go away and we are back on track. Life can be unfair, and while some people can find a complete satisfaction in their jobs, many work only for a salary. And this is ok, there are many more things in life that can be way more important.

In this article, we will not advise you to start with a clean sheet or completely change your career. However, considering how much time of your life you spend at work, being in the wrong place can make more harm than good even outside of the office. So, if you are not happy with your job and are in doubt, watch out for these signs that it’s time to find another job.

You don’t want to go to work

Sure, weekends are way more fun and we all wish they don’t end so fast. But do you find yourself dreaded of even thinking of going back to that office already by the end of Friday? If you spend more time thinking that you don’t want to go to work than participating in fun weekend activities, it’s time for you to find another job. You cannot let negativity consume the precious time with your family, friends, or hobby.


You are underappreciated at work

It is important to stress that other people cannot read our minds and oftentimes they might not see someone else’s achievements. So, before you resign, make an attempt to show and share your value and progress. But if you are certain that your superiors are fully aware of how dedicated you are, and yet they don’t take any interest in it and you constantly feel underappreciated, you should consider another place to work.  Work should bring some sort of accomplishment and satisfaction, not frustration and disappointment.

You have nowhere to grow

If you consider yourself an ambitious person, you need to ensure that you always have a room to grow, fight new challenges and reach new heights. If your company doesn’t grow as fast as you do, you have 2 options.

Help the company to grow

Depending on your position, you might have a chance to create a better environment and a room to grow yourself. Come up with a plan or a proposal on how to improve the company. Many managers can be more open-minded that it seems.


Find another job

If you have already attempted the stage one, but it never passed the white board or a Power Point presentation, or if your place of work is structured in a way that you cannot affect its growth, it is time for you to take on another challenge.  

You don’t get enough money

Let’s face it, money might not be everything, but it is still damn important. If you straggling to make a living, or simply cannot afford a simple useless treat, you should consider finding another job. Start with talking about a raise first. But if you know that this is not an option, hope for a better future might not be enough to resolve your financial difficulties.

You have too much stress at work

Of course, work is not the most relaxing activity, but stress can be very different. Depending on your occupation or a title you might have to make some though calls, difficult decisions, or meet very tight deadlines. But if you start feeling anxious after work or over the weekend, in you cannot let you phone out of your sights, if you overreacting to anything you hear, dream about difficulties at work, and feeling worn down, you should take it easier and look for a new job. If you are overstressed, at some point your body will give up and you will not be able to withstand the same levels of stress anymore. Don’t let it happen.

You don’t share the company’s values or environment

Too much gossip? Too loud? Too quiet? Too strict? Too disorganized? If you find yourself out of place or feel like you don’t fit for a long time, it might be much better and healthier for you to find a new job. All companies and groups of people overtime tend to create their own environment, just like back in school. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, or how high your position is, you will be most efficient and way happier in the social environment you find comfortable.


About one third of your life is spent at work, and another third is spent sleeping, so the other third, your personal time is precious. If your job entails a long commute, has very long hours or demands your attention during the other two thirds of your life, then it may be time to consider your options and look for another job. There are obviously steps you can take first, before making the decision to look for another job, for example, speaking to your manager / employer about the situation to see if you can work something out. There are many ways this can be resolved depending in your job; working from home occasionally if the commute is long, being allowed to ignore email/calls after hours, or having more vacation days (paid) available to you.

Hope is all you have

Trust your gut. If this is already a tenth time you are thinking about leaving, but every time you stop yourself to wait a bit longer for changes that don’t happen, start looking for another job. Don’t let yourself fall into the endless circle of hopes and broken dreams. Most likely it will not get easier, and every next time you don’t get what you have been promised will only get you more frustrated. Find your way out before it escalates.

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