signs of a good manager

The Power of Positive Leadership: 15 Signs of a Good Manager

Have you ever worked under a manager who made every day at the office feel like an opportunity rather than a duty? Imagine a workplace ...
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What are the Most Important Decisions Leaders Make?

As a leader, you’ll face some of the most difficult decisions you’ll make in your entire life. From deciding whether to fire an employee who ...
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Transforming Negative Attitudes in the Workplace

As leaders, we can only hope every employee will be positive and contribute to the goals and mission of the company. Unfortunately, that is only ...
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How Leaders Handle Stress Like a Pro

Leadership is challenging. From managing multiple personalities to maintaining a cohesive team, there are many sources of stress for leaders. If not managed carefully, stress ...
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What Makes a Successful Leader?

Leadership is challenging. Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or you run a small mom-and-pop convenience store, being a successful leader ...
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How to Create a Company Culture that Attracts and Retains Talent

Hiring talented employees and retaining them within your organization has never been more challenging. The post-COVID-19 world has shifted the employee mindset to value company ...
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The Eleven Most Important Qualities of Effective Leaders

A great leader can be the difference between a thriving company and a mediocre one. They can turn ideas into revolutionary change to motivate and inspire ...
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Autonomy Raises Productivity: Here’s How, Why This Works For Employees

Having one or two micromanagers in your company may be inconvenient, but it is unlikely to jeopardize your success. Surprisingly, the chances of risking the ...
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Human Resource Management – What Is It & How Is It a Business Process?

Human resource management (HRM) and business management are essential aspects of every business’s operations, regardless of its size. Besides large organizations, small businesses without clear ...
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5 steps of the strategic planning process

Strategic planning involves developing a vision for the company’s future, identifying goals and objectives related to that vision, and developing an actionable plan to achieve ...
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