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Real Busi was established in 2018 as a dynamic platform aimed at supporting the business community, from small business owners to marketers and everyone in between, by providing them with essential insights and strategies for all business realities.

Real Busi accepts guest articles that are unique and packed with actionable advice and deep insights that benefit the business community. Writing for Real Busi offers numerous advantages, including the opportunity to share your expertise with a passionate and engaged audience, enhance your professional reputation, and connect with other thought leaders in the business community. It’s an excellent platform for those looking to make a meaningful impact and foster a culture of knowledge-sharing and innovation.

If you have an article ready that aligns with our Contributor Guidelines, please submit it through our contributor form below.

Alternatively, if you have compelling ideas for relevant content but haven’t yet written the article, you can still submit your concept using the same contributor form. Our team will review it and discuss the potential collaboration.”


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Guidelines for Contributors

We require all submitted content to be entirely original. Articles previously published on your website or elsewhere online will not be accepted. A plagerism check will be preformed on all submitted content. 

  • Your submission should be at least 1,000 words in length.
  • Your title should be short and succinct.
  • At least one image should be included within the article. The image should be royalty-free, created by yourself or the licence held and transferrable.
  • We seek content that is practical, not promotional, and aimed at offering real advice and value to businesses. Your writing must be impartial, delivering true insights without any self-promotion or commercial content.
  • Aim for a tone that's both professional and welcoming, authoritative yet conversational. Your writing should be clear and direct, employing contractions to maintain an approachable style.
  • Submissions must be in clear, straightforward English. Steer clear of complex terminology or jargon to keep your article accessible unless it is a technical piece.
  • Organize your content with subheadings and lists for better readability.
  • For listicles, start with an introduction and conclude with a summary statement or paragraph.
  • Support any claims, statements, or data with links to recent (no older than one year) research or evidence.
  • Be aware that we have specific SEO requirements for linking within your article. We will review all links for relevance and credibility and may replace them if necessary.
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