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11 Benefits of Investing in Personalized Video Marketing

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Remember the good ol’ days when marketing was all about billboards and newspaper ads? Back then, in the 70’s and 80’s, ads that spoke directly to the audience were the realm of science fiction.

But not anymore.

Now, personalized video marketing tailors the content of videos to the individual. Broadly, it falls into two camps – AI-generated video, and template-generated video that adds personal touches like a recipient’s name, industry, or location.


Don’t fret if you’re new to the newfangled game.

We’re here to show you how to take interactivity and engagement to the next level.

Benefit #1: Personal Is Profitable

There’s more than one reason that personalized video marketing is one of the latest and greatest of the business marketing trends to defy convention. In fact, there are at least eleven of them – which is why we’re all here.

But why throw the added expense of personalized digital marketing on top of an already hefty marketing budget? The simplest reason is also the most obvious…

Personalized videos are profitable. They increase engagement.

When a viewer sees a tailor-made video adapted for them on the fly, they’re more likely to watch it. Some of them will share it with friends and family on social media, and ultimately, many of them will act on it. They’re more likely to remember your brand and your message – because your brand resonated with them on a personal level.

Personalized videos also enhance the customer journey.

They can make a customer feel seen and understood in a way that generic, “corpo-speak” ads cannot. They give customers a reason to choose your brand over others. And when customers feel valued, they’re more likely to return for repeat business.

These two factors merge to elicit a simple truth for marketers and managers: Personalized videos deliver a high return on investment, allowing you to squeeze more out of your marketing budget.

Benefit #2: Personal Boosts Conversions

Adding flair and a personal touch to your videos can significantly boost conversions.

As marketers, we’re all aware that relevant content is most likely to drive action – and personalized videos hold that relevance in high regard. Viewers see videos that feel tailor-made to them and they’re more likely to click on a link or fill out a form or, yes, make a purchase.

A personalized call to action is more enticing than a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to driving engagement.

But it’s not all about KPIs and conversion rates; personalized messages help you build the genuine, meaningful relationships with your customers that all brands strive for. You aren’t merely paying lip service to the needs of your customers – you’re showing that you care about their satisfaction.

Benefit #3: Personal Amplifies the Customer Experience

You’re not just another nameless brand out to make a profit with personalized video marketing strategies.

No, by infusing your videos with personality and personal touches, you amplify the experiences of your audience. With personalized video, you’re selling a story. An experience.

You’re selling a brand that cares about its customers and puts its money where its mouth is. Personality makes your videos memorable and relatable, and those factors foster a connection to your brand.

And when customers feel connected, they feel they know you, and that you know them. Emotions are powerful, and it is these feelings that cause them to stick around for the long run.

Benefit #4: Videos Stand Out

The internet is awash with billions of websites. Quite literally – around mid-2023, there were more than 1.13 billion registered sites, with an average of 250,000 being created daily. And it’s a saturated mess of content competing to stand out, to grab one iota of attention from increasingly disinterested audiences everywhere.

Video offers more. It stands out. It’s engaging and dynamic, visually appealing without demanding more cognitive investment than some users are willing to give.

It’s more than words on a screen – it’s a medium that evokes the senses and tells a story. Video is a tool that helps you cut through the noise to grab the attention of your audience in a way that’s impactful.

And personalized video offers something truly unique – something that won’t be the same for the next viewer. It’s one of the types of marketing that soon becomes indispensable once you’ve realized its potential and learned to make the most of it.

Benefit #5: Video Is Ideal for Mobile

Text-based formats have long jostled with mobile devices, often trying to solve unsolvable problems. You’ve experienced these problems yourself before:

How many times have you bounced yourself from a website, blog, or news feed because it’s an unintelligible mishmash of the content you want to be interspersed with native ads interspersed with links to other content – and it’s all formatted incorrectly for your mobile device?

Video is made for scrolling, swiping, tapping. It fits perfectly on small screens and short-form videos (and personalized ads) are perfect for the viewer on the go. Short, sweet, and straight to the point like a bullet, mobile-optimized personal videos stick with your audience for longer.

Benefit #6: Video Is Accessible

Of all the types of content out there, video reigns supreme as the king of accessibility. Easy to understand, easy to consume, and easy to remember, it doesn’t care about reading comprehension or attention spans.

Video allows you to break down and convey complex information simply and visually, blending the benefits of the visual and the aural in a “show first, tell last” kind of manner. It allows you to reach the widest possible audience and resonate with them regardless of their age, gender, language, or level of education.

And catered to the viewer’s needs and preferences, personalized videos deliver your message in a concise and captivating way, absent of any barrier or language block.

Benefit #7: Integration with Email Marketing

Video and email are two types of marketing that can complement each other seamlessly. When you integrate video into your emails, you entice recipients to take a moment out of their day to sit back and explore your content. Personalized videos boost your open and click-through rates – and increase the chances of conversion as a result.

It’s a way to stand out in a crowded sector.

Timely, targeted, and thoughtful, personalized video sets an email apart from the regular drudgery.


Benefit #8: Strengthening Brand Loyalty

Loyal customers are more than repeat business.

They’re a core source of insight into what people love about your brand – and they’re willing advocates for the products you sell. By personalizing the video content they engage with, you can make your existing customers feel valued and appreciated.

You show them who you are (and what you stand for). But at the same time, you show them why their patronage is so important to you. Authentic and genuine content will resonate with them on a deeper-than-surface level.

You’ll keep them coming back as a result.

Benefit #9: Reaching High in the SERPs

You need to be seen to be heard, and you need to be heard to be successful. Improving your ranking in Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs, is a mammoth task you could write a book about (and there are a lot of them) – and video plays a pivotal role by:

  • Increasing the amount of time spent on your website
  • Improving user experiences
  • Increasing the number of backlinks to your website
  • Making your content more shareable

Personal videos are SEO-friendly because of their relevance to the viewer. That relevance makes them more likely to be viewed for longer and shared with others.

Benefit #10: Building Authority

Establishing credibility as a reliable source of knowledge has been a cornerstone of digital marketing for a long time. Carving out a solid online presence and growing your voice as one of authority builds a loyal readership.

Against the backdrop of AI-generated content farms, standing out as trustworthy and experienced is more important than ever.

Video is versatile. It does many things, from answering questions and solving problems to evoking interest to entertaining your audience in your social media feeds.

And – you guessed it – personalized video takes it one step further. Tailoring responses to the challenges faced by viewers demonstrates your commitment to solving their pain points and deepens the relationship you share with them.

Benefit #11: Improving Brand Awareness

The more present you are, the more avenues of engagement you explore, the more your brand becomes a natural part of life for your customers. Video helps you tell a compelling story.

It’s a potent tool that helps you reach broad audiences with a broad message. Through video, you can share your personality and culture with your audience, distilling a lasting impression over time.

When personalized videos reflect your brand identity, they put your values to the grindstone, laid bare for all to see. They make your audience feel that they’re a part of a larger story.

And your customers remember it as a result.

Easing into Personalized Video Marketing

Transitioning to personalized video means shaking things up a bit.

You’ll need to plan creatively and delve more deeply into data compared to traditional video marketing ideas. To begin incorporating personalized videos into your digital marketing, you’ll need to do three things:

  1. Integrate data into your marketing strategy
  2. Create high-quality video templates
  3. Measure KPIs and adapt your approach

Data is the backbone of any form of modern marketing. Reliable data is how you’ll tailor your content to your viewers – it tells you more about your audience’s preferences, and it tells you how they respond to your new brand of video content. Invest in good video equipment (or outsource to reliable service providers) to create your videos – bad edits and generic content stick out like a sore thumb.

Use analytics to track how well your videos perform to help you guide your approach over time.

Tailor-Made Personal Videos

Unless you’re targeting a narrow audience, it’s unlikely you’ll have the time to create a new video from scratch for every customer you intend to reach.

However, that too can be a viable strategy if your business model prioritizes attracting small numbers of high-ticket clients. In such cases, it’s worth the additional investment of time and money to truly tailor your videos to each case.

Swapping out names and numbers isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, work with your marketing team to find a reasonable compromise that balances quantity with quality. Determine what video elements, such as transitions, informational slides, and “filler” shots, can be kept between videos and go from there.

Transitioning From Existing Video Content

If you’re already a keen proponent of video content in your marketing, transitioning to personalized video is a smooth process.

Start by identifying the touchpoints in your content that are ripe for personalization. Introductions and calls to action are worthy contenders because they’re more likely to be viewed than the meatier midsection.

From there, start segmenting your audience. Personalized video is all about delivering the right content to the right demographics.

Finally, test and optimize your videos with strategies you’re already comfortable with. A/B testing and pilot programs show you which elements of your video are effective – and which you need to scrap.

Making the Most of the Personal Twist

Remember, personalized video is all about the personal twist!

Including personal elements like names and locations is an important first step, but you don’t have to stop there. Brainstorm and workshop methods of adding personal touches, such as using different video formats or templates for different kinds of users.

Remember to keep your videos short and to the point: No longer than a minute or two is usually the sweet spot. You want to hold your viewer’s attention without them tuning out.

Finally, don’t forget to add a compelling call to action. Prompt a subscription, invite a viewer to share your video, or link to your brand’s website.

Dive into the World of Personalized Video Marketing

Personalized video marketing might seem like a novelty now. Yet it’s a potent strategy that does everything you’re already doing – only better. Don’t shy away from creative experimentation and out-of-the-box thinking: 

The goal is to create a memorable experience for every viewer.

At Real Busi, we know marketing and we know it well. Our blog is home to a host of insider industry secrets that we love to share with our colleagues across the globe – and you can become a part of our “in” crowd by clicking here.

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